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Custom Picture Framing
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About Us

Framing your art at Aspect means the best in design and craftsmanship with a real appreciation for the beauty that art can bring.

Thank you for your interest in Aspect Framing Studio and Art Gallery. We are two owners with a huge passion for art and an even bigger passion for displaying it. We are avid attendees of The West Coast Art and Frame Trade Show and National Conference, consistently broadening and honing our skills and eduction in art and framing. When you come to our shop, you work with us directly to achieve the best presentation of your work.

We have framed thousands of pieces for individual clients, are partnered with the SF MoMA, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Saison Hospitality, The UC Theatre in Berkeley, and we have worked with countless restaurants, commercial, and corporate locations across the city and nationwide.

Additionally, we are contributors to the San Francisco art and design scene by hosting regular art events featuring emerging artists.


About Andrea

Andrea offers a decade of education and professional experience in design with a graduate-level education in fashion design. She has years of mentorship training in honing her eye for design, color, and the design process. She has both a technical and creative background in color theory, design composition, textures, textiles, art movements, and styling. On top of this, she has a natural talent for guiding people to the best design to match their personal taste and interior decor. If you don't yet know what your personal taste is, she can help you with that as well.


About Matthew

Matthew comes from a childhood upbringing in Finish carpentry and holds experience in both hands-on construction and project management. He found he was too precise and detailed for construction work and as a result, found his niche in custom art framing. Matthew is an exceptional craftsman, employing many techniques by hand and treating every piece of art with individual care. He has trained with the most reputable instructors in the industry, continuously building upon the latest research and skills.