Aspect Framing Studio and Art Gallery


Portraits of an "Organic Mind"

Animal Power Pug

Here at Aspect, we are fully mesmerized by the work of Patricio Guillamon. 

Gallery Hours: Tues.- Sat. 10:30AM-5:00pm

Exhibition dates: March 3rd- April 20th.


Opening Reception Friday, March 25th 6-11pm

Lower Polk Art Walk Thursday, April 7th 6-10pm


Artist Statement:


My work blends the stimulation of external life and the stillness of our inner world. The process for each piece is long, taking months to a year to complete. Each work transforms me from photographer to painter to storyteller.

The first stage is creating an original photo or digital art piece. In the second stage I deconstruct this work through digital pattern making. I then enlarge and hand copy or print the patterns, and then by using gel pens and markers, recreate the image. Along with the original image comes hundreds of scenes and symbols that depict the social and political as well as the surreal. 

I hope to invite the viewer to get involved in and get lost in the micro universes of the work, discovering the many stories that lie within the bigger whole.


Portrait of the "Upside/down" World