Aspect Framing Studio and Art Gallery


Custom Design for Picture Framing, Matting, Glass & Mirrors, Canvas Stretching

Aspect Framing Studio makes custom framing a fun experience. Whether it's a painting, print, photograph, poster, or mirror, a custom picture frame and mat design will enhance your home or office decor. Come browse our large selection of current moulding styles. We will professionally & personally guide the best options to fit your design.


Beautiful art; beautiful world

Framing your art at Aspect means the best in design and craftsmanship with a real appreciation for the beauty that art can bring. Owners Matthew and Andrea combine years of dedication and expertise. They are avid attendees of the West Coast Art and Frame Trade Show and National Conference, consistently broadening and honing their skills and eduction in art and framing. When you come to their shop, you work with them directly to achieve the best presentation of your work.

Andrea offers a decade of education and professional experience in design with a graduate-level education in fashion design. She has years of mentorship training in honing her eye for design, color, and the design process. She has both a technical and creative background in color theory, design composition, textures, textiles, art movements, and styling. On top of this, she has a natural talent for guiding people to the best design to match their personal taste and interior decor. If you don't yet know what your personal taste is, she can help you with that as well. 

Matthew comes from a childhood upbringing in Finish carpentry and holds experience in both hands-on construction and project management. He found he was too precise and detailed for construction work and as a result, found his niche in custom art framing. Matthew is an exceptional craftsman, employing many techniques by hand and treating every piece of art with individual care. He has trained with the most reputable instructors in the industry, continuously building upon the latest research and skills. 

Aspect is San Francisco's highest rated frame shop on Yelp, achieved by consistent, quality work and customer care. Additionally, they are contributors to the San Francisco art and design scene by hosting regular art events featuring emerging artists. 

Clients Have Said...

“These guys! If you want people who know what they're doing and care about their work, go here. We love art and we have numerous pieces in our home that we love to display. We received a piece from a close friend and it was important that we find the correct background to showcase it. Andrea completely understood the direction we wanted to go in and although letting us have free rein, she offered suggestions that we did not even think of! So refreshing to have someone with great taste and a sharp eye see your piece in a different light that actually enhances it. And our piece came back spectacular and it completely fits in our home. Highly, highly recommend and plan on doing a few more things this summer.”

— Rhea D., June 25, 2019


“If you're having frame problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but dope frames ain't one! Seriously there's no better team for making your art look at least 10x better than when you came in.”

— Alex Z.


“I went to Aspect to get a picture framed and I am so happy with the result and so glad I chose Aspect! I went in the shop and having no idea how to go about choosing how to frame it, Andrea had great suggestions and helped me pick just the right frame. Just two weeks after, I picked up my photo framed and I just love it. They even provided me with the the hook and nail to be able to put the photo on my wall so once I got home, it took me just a few minutes to get it up!

I highly recommend going to Aspect to get your art framed if you want high quality work, a variety of options and get great design help as well!”

— Shana A., March 25, 2018