Aspect Framing Studio and Art Gallery


Coll@g3: Mixed Media work by Emily Binder


Please come see our next art showcase, Coll@g3. 
We will be featuring new multimedia works by artist, Emily Binder.

Opening Reception: Friday, February 9th from 7-10Pm
Refreshments will be provided. 

Artist Statement:

Emily Binder was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan then moved to California in 2007 to pursue art among other business opportunities which were not available in the small town where she grew up. She received two bachelor's degrees at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2015; one in Fine Arts and another in Business Management Economics. During this time, Binder also studied French and studied abroad for a semester in Lyon at L'Université 2 / Sciences Politiques. 

She has shown her work at numerous solo and group shows throughout California and has done several commissioned pieces and murals. She also has worked in the business side of the industry, interning at the Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, working as a sales associate at Toad Fish Gallery in Sausalito and she has been an event coordinator and personal assistant to the owner of 111 Minna Gallery, also located in San Francisco, for the last three years.

Binder's art aims to captivate the routine struggle that is present in all of our lives. Her work takes the entropy of the daily highs and lows and turns it into an aesthetic that is calming and beautiful. While she is primarily an abstract painter she has a background in figurative work and has recently ventured into the world of collage. In all of her work the theme remains that there is beauty in chaos. In Binder's abstract drawings and paintings there are scattered lines and patterns created with juxtaposed vibrant colors yet they communicate balance and harmony in the viewer's eyes. This is a message Binder intends to portray that no matter how stressful or challenging a situation may seem, there is still something beautiful to be interpreted out of every moment in life. Binder's collage work takes this concept a step further by taking gleaned pieces of real life "trash" and incorporating them into the artwork. She collects anything and everything in 2D form that she finds the least bit inspiring and organizes these papers into bins sorted by color in her studio. She then uses these materials, which upon first glance would appear to be mundane pieces of garbage, as a medium similar to acrylic or oil paint to express her vision in each piece. 

Binder resides in San Francisco but frequently travels to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She is young, having just turned twenty five, and her current goal in producing her artwork is to transform the way people think about happiness. Her work teaches us that happiness is achieved through developing a positive mentality nd gleaning what beauty we can from our surroundings; happiness is not unrealistic or unattainable, it is a practiced skill.